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31 Weeks | Week 2 Featuring Charleston Attorney Stephan Futeral

+Christine DeGraff started her #31People  project in December.  As a group, those she selected decided to carry her inspirational torch forward by selecting 31 people, in a new extra special project we are calling 31 weeks.  We hope everyone will look forward to meeting one new person every week.

Meet Stephan Futeral

Today I would like you to meet +Stephan Futeral, a personal injury, family law and criminal defense attorney from Charleston, South Carolina.  Even among highly driven attorneys, he leaves us all wondering when he finds time to sleep.

Who Could Possibly Keep Up With This Man?

+Stephan Futeral hasn't always been a lawyer.  He started his early professional life working with strategic nuclear weapons as a tactical communications operator in the National Guard.  

Once he became a lawyer, he lit the legal world on fire with a long list of accomplishments, including working as an adjunct law professor, starting and managing his own law practice, learning to develop his own websites many years ago, and eventually teaching other lawyers to do the same as part of continuing legal education, staying on top of legal technology, developing what is now a leading iPad app for lawyers to help with jury selection (selected as a top 10 lawyer app last year), and just recently publishing a book regarding divorce law in his spare time.   Now he has added being my co-host on the HOA Legally Speaking, throughout which I have greatly benefited from his graphical design and extensive tech knowledge.

A Big Heart

On a personal note, Stephan's daughter has faced many medical and even life-threatening complications during her young life, but he always seems to keep her laughing.  Not long ago, he posted one of my favorite posts ever explaining why she is his hero.  

Here's what he had to say about his daughter today, after years of surgeries and medical complications:

These days, she dreams of becoming an archer (she's actually quite good) and a hero like her idol Katniss from the "Hunger Games." Truth be told, she doesn't need to pick up a bow and arrow to be a hero. She's already mine.

Loving Animals

I also admire that Stephan and his wife (+Kelsey Gilmore-Futeral) are heavily involved in pet therapy, since his beautiful wife (an attorney and a model) is the national secretary for a pet therapy organization.  They volunteer weekly to help both pets and seniors who love having them around.  They are even a family of vegans and vegetarians because of their love for animals.

Extra Special Right Here On G+

On Google Plus, +Stephan Futeral has always been highly engaging, funny, helpful, technically savvy, and a wonderful friend to anyone who makes an effort with him.  He is a true southern gentleman, so you couldn't circle a better person.

Connect with him:

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Also +Jeff Sieh will be making his selection next week, so please make sure you follow his posts to meet another great person very soon!

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